SN Nair & Partners law firm malaysia was established in early 1996 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Our  law firm in Kuala Lumpur offers high standard  services  making sure  that we produce high quality service.  Our services is efficient because we use modern technology in performing legal work and legal research to provide cost effective solution to complete our daily task.

There are lots of law firms in Petaling Jaya, and across Malaysia but why should you choose us?

Choose SN Nair & Partners  among other law firm Malaysia because, at a time of significant change in the legal industry, we are determined to continue and lead the market as we have done throughout our 21-year history.

SN Nair & Partners  is one of the leading law firms in Malaysia simply because we conform comprehensive and professional approach in meeting the OBJECTIVES AND GOALS of our clients while advancing  their interest. Additionally, our goal is to ‘serve well and serve best’.  We are committed  to cater our clients’ need by providing exceptional legal services. We also  make sure that our clients have a wide range of solicitors in the legal market to meet their needs because at  SN Nair,  our clients’ success is also our success.

Our Law Firm Mission Statement

“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1858


Our experience and knowledge from consulting clients on  corporate and commercial transactions and dispute resolutions have allowed us to tackle complex issues and cases issues faced by clients.

Furthermore, our Company Secretary service also provides a one-roof corporate solution for our clients which allow us to complete and close the transactions efficiently.


  • Provide direct legal services, that meet the needs of clients, businesses and public body
  • Create and preserve their resources in obtaining their goals.
  • Function as advisors, counselors, and advocates, in order to earn the trust of our clients by providing our good services in a timely, accurate, and efficient manner as well as preparing their work to be more effective for the purpose of exceeding our clients’ greatest expectations.
  • Demonstrate our commitment with much integrity, professionalism, and excellence in everything we do.
  • Build a close relationships with our clients, listen to their problems, and keen enough and be responsive to their own needs.


Our lawyers/solicitors are keenly involved in wide range of legal transactions. We acted mostly on property, finance and banking.  The law firm in Malaysia caters all kinds of clients – big or small in all aspects. For example, bankruptcy, litigation rights of debtors and creditors, reorganisations, loan settlements outside of court, and other casualty lawsuits of defendants.  Our lawyers in Malaysia defend our client from various lawsuits.  The most common ones are product liability, damage of property, and personal injury.

S.N. Nair & Partners, Law Firm Malaysia. handles commercial and corporate transactions. In addition, we also handle litigation arising from various these various transactions. Most of all, our clientele ranges from large multi-national corporations to individuals involving both plaintiffs and defendants. Amongst the interests represented in litigation are cases involving securities, banking, loan transactions and debt recoveries. Our lawyers also give legal opinion on the enforceability of contracts.


Our lawyers’ profile as listed here. Their respective resume is available upon request. The  firms’ Managing Partner, SANKARA NARAYANAN NAIR is listed as a recommended lawyer in the field of  criminal and defamation matters.

Our Property Lawyer in Malaysia Represents:

  • Banks
  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Financial institutions
  • Corporate and individual clients in wide range of business transactions


  • General real estate conveyancing
  • Sales and Purchase of completed and under construction Commercial properties
  • Real and Personal property financing
  • General banking (including sales and acquisitions, contracts, financing, foreclosures and sales of businesses)
  • Represents winding up, bankruptcy, banking/finance,  insurance/employment law
  • Commercial and Corporate Transactions
  • Defamation, third party body injury,  nuisance, passing off and negligence
  • Industrial Relations
  • Criminal practice
  • Local Coucil/Local Government


We are re-energizing our legal practice with continuous growth, and  innovation when it comes to knowledge and diversity  skills.

There are lots of law firm Malaysia but our law firm is one of the best. Because we counsel institutions regarding state and federal regulations including lender’s fiduciary liabilities, representation of creditor’s rights, proceedings, including bankruptcies, arrangements, compositions and receivership and contracts relating to the sale or hire purchase of goods.

We always challenge ourselves by bringing new solutions when it comes to legal complex encountered by our clients.  Even more, our clients are our priority because we want them to have a sustainable and a  well rounded fulfilling life.

Moreover, our property lawyer represents banks, developers, contractors, real estate brokers, sales and acquisitions, contracts, financing, foreclosures and sales of businesses. Besides, The Firm also represents financial institutions. In addition, we represent corporate and individual clients in consummating a wide range of with regard to state and federal regulations including lender’s fiduciary liabilities. Representation of creditor’s rights, proceedings, including bankruptcies, arrangements, compositions and receivership and contracts relating to the sale or hire purchase of goods.

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