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The Firm was established in early 1996 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In line with the Firm’s philosophy to ‘serve well and serve best’, it embarked on creating quality driven services as it was mindful that clients have a wide pool of solicitors in the legal market to make an informed choice. Meeting the clients’ needs and to make a difference meant that the Firm was expected to offer that extra higher level of service. The Firm successfully marries talent and technology to produce high quality, yet cost-effective services for its clients. The Firm’s attorneys are supported by a staff of skilled and experienced paralegals, investigators, a professional law library and the most up to date E Library. The Firm uses the latest in computerised technology in performing legal work and legal research.

S.N. Nair & Partners is committed to developing, sustaining and empowering a conducive work environment in which each person has the freedom to create and contribute and have the opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally. The Firm’ approach to fostering talent allows the Firm to continue its commitment to a diversity of expertise in law. The Firm’s attorneys are well-respected and experienced practitioners in certain niche areas of law. For the client, the end result is the comforting knowledge that S.N. Nair & Partners provides and delivers quality legal services. 



• Providing diversified legal services, which meet the needs of individuals, businesses and public organisations in creating and preserving their resources and relationship and achieving their goals.
• Functioning as counselors, advisors and advocates, earning our clients’ trust by providing our services in a dependable, timely and efficient manner and preparing work products, which are effective for the purpose intended or meeting or exceeding our clients’ expectations.
• Demonstrating our commitment to integrity, excellence and professionalism in all that we do.
• Cultivating close working relationships with our clients, listening to them, and being sensitive and responsive to their needs.



• Developing and sustaining an empowering work environment in which each person has the freedom to create and contribute and the opportunity to grow and develop, personally and professionally, and is recognised and rewarded for his or her contributions.
• Providing the opportunity for financial security and freedom for all who contribute to our firm.
• Demonstrating our actions as an expression of our commitment to safeguard the integrity of the legal system and being leaders in renewing and maintaining public confidence in it.
• Being generous with our time and resources, participating unselfishly in serving others, and enhancing the quality of life in our communities.



“I find the great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, 1858