Our property lawyer represents banks, developers, contractors, real estate brokers, buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants. The practice includes general real estate conveyancing practice, sales and purchase of completed and under construction property (apartments, condominiums, shopping centres and office buildings) and real and personal property financing; general banking, including sales and acquisitions, contracts, financing, foreclosures and sales of businesses. The Firm also represents financial institutions. In addition, we represent corporate and individual clients in consummating a wide range of business transactions. Matters handled by the Firm include loans secured by all types of collateral; advising institutions with regard to state and federal regulations including lender’s fiduciary liabilities. Representation of creditor’s rights, proceedings, including bankruptcies, arrangements, compositions and receivership and contracts relating to the sale or hire purchase of goods.
S.N. Nair & Partners represents both large and small clients in all phases of bankruptcy reorganisations, creditors and debtors rights litigation, out of court loan settlements and other matters of insolvency law. Its clients include primarily, insurance companies and other defendants in casualty lawsuits. We defend clients from claims and lawsuits in the areas of personal injury, product liability, and property damage.
S.N. Nair & Partners handles litigation arising from various corporate and commercial transactions. Our clientele ranges from large multi-national corporations to individuals involving both plaintiffs and defendants. Amongst the interests represented in litigation are cases involving securities, banking, loan transactions and debt recoveries. Our lawyers also give legal opinion on the enforceability of contracts.
The law of tort is principally concerned with the imposition of legal liability and the consequent remedies in respect of civil wrongs committed against recognised entities and individuals. S.N. Nair & Partners handles all forms of tort litigation involving harm to person or property and principally defamation (libel & slander). The Firm provides legal advice in this area of law to accommodate/safeguard the client’s rights. We also deal with medical malpractice and defending tort claims, we interpret insurance policies, provide reviews and comments on pending legislation, and defend named insurers in claims. The Firm has extensive experience in defamation suits including libel, slander and malicious falsehood.
S.N. Nair & Partners has on numerous occasions appeared before the Industrial Court to represent either the workmen or employers as the case may be. The rights of workmen, employer and trade union have been determined by the law. The Firm has the expertise in providing the legal advice to the employer pertaining to the Labour Laws. The Firm has also defended employers (exclusively) against actions brought by employees for inter alia, unfair dismissals, constructive dismissals and breach of statutory duty cases in the Industrial Courts. The Firm also advise clients on complex issues of commercial fraud, criminal breach of trust and dishonesty offences against directors and executives of companies.


S.N. Nair & Partners offers both civil and criminal legal services. The Firm has handled several criminal cases including seminal cases of national and international interests. Cases include dangerous drugs, a wide range of Penal code offences, copyright, public health and safety, preventive detention, corrupt practices and proceedings for habeas corpus in cases of preventive detention. The Firm represented the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia (Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim) and several others prominent politicians.
Litigation and Advisory Services to local councils in Selangor, Malaysia.